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A Self Care Gift for Your Favorite Murderino

I don't know why this is, and sometimes I wish I wasn't wired this way, but I do have a fascination with true crime.  Like many fellow "murderinos" I was a little embarrassed by my morbid curiosity but found my tribe through the My Favorite Murder podcast.   At first I was a little turned off by the idea that people make light or fun of another's tragedy but that's not really what this podcast is about.  It's storytelling and conversation between two women who are witty, down to earth and true crime curious (obsessed).  I do take this is small doses as I don't want murder on my brain all the time.  But in honor of being aware of your surroundings, not going into forests, not joining cults, not being polite and listening to your gut...I have two new soap stamps.  The first is "SSDGM", see below.

Stay Sexy Don't Get Murdered SSDGM Soap for Murderinos

For the uninitiated, that stands for Stay Sexy Don't Get Murdered - great advice.  The other stamp coming soon is "Look and Listen", two words often said by the podcast hosts.  These will be part of a special two bar Murderino gift set.